Last year, Mille Notti launched a bed linen collection with the British heritage brand Morris & Co, which turned out to be very successful. in January 2024, a new collection will be released, featuring the two classic Willam Morris patterns Strawberry Thief and Marigold, printed on a 300-thread count cotton percale. A dreamy combination of material and design, resulting in a marvelous sleep experience. 

”There is something special about using patterns made over 100 years ago that are just as relevant today.
The story lives on in a timelessness that I am very inspired by”, says Catherine Hustad, Creative Director at Mille Notti.

A William Morris pattern contains much more than what meets the eye at first glance, which is what makes them so distinctive. The designs conceal thousands of years of craftsmanship tradition and are filled with details and playful creativity, always in perfect color harmony.

Strawberry Thief is one of William Morris most famous and popular patterns. The inspiration for the pattern comes from true events that took place at his countryside home in Oxfordshire: when Morris tried to grow strawberries, the entire harvest always ended up being devoured by greedy birds.

When Morris first began printing the Strawberry Thief pattern, he used the thorough indigo discharge printing process, which was one of his favorite printing techniques. He made his first attempt to print the pattern as early as 1875, but it wasn’t until 1883, when he had moved into his new factory in Merton Abbey, near Wimbledon, that he fully succeeded.

Marigold is a beautiful flower pattern print, designed by William Morris in 1875. It is one of the few patterns he initially produced as both wallpaper and fabric.

”Collaborating with Mille Notti on this new bedding and accessories range has been all about combining values and reveling in putting our heritage design in sensitive new lights. Taking inspiration from our Morris & Co. archive, which houses patterns from the company’s founding in 1861, I have been overjoyed to see the blossoming of a range that combines beauty, utility, and function so elegantly”, says Ellie Tyerman, Senior Morris & Co. Designer.

”Reimagining iconic heritage designs, such as the delightful Marigold and the iconic Strawberry Thief,  in new ways has offered new perspectives to these enduringly popular creations. In wonderful symmetry, it is great to see William Morris’s love of nature and care for craftsmanship reflected in the unrivaled production qualities Mille Notti brings to every item. Evident across each bedsheet and towel is a commitment to quality and beautiful design we think suits them to any bedroom scheme”, Ellie Tyerman adds.

In addition to the bed linen, Mille Notti will also launch a jacquard woven bath towel (86×150 cm) made in organic cotton terry in the Marigold pattern.

In addition to the Morris & Co. Collection, Mille Notti will launch a few more new products during SS24.

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About Mille Notti
Mille Notti is a Swedish family-owned company that designs and manufactures premium textile products for the bedroom and bathroom. The primary focus is bed linen, down products, and terry towels, but the range also includes beds, headboards, and other bedding accessories. Since the beginning in 1991 the family has worked with the passion to create a marvellous experience, a sensation for your senses. Mille Notti works with carefully selected, tactile materials, patterns, and methods to offer a truly unique experience. European production and sustainable development, along with social responsibility, are natural priorities. Through constant refinement and development of the range and production, the Mille Notti family can ensure that everything with its name on it is manufactured ethically and of the highest quality.


About Morris & Co.
In 1861, William Morris founded the company Morris, Marshall, Faulkner & Co. together with his friends. The company had its big breakthrough during the Arts & Crafts movement in the 1880s and 1890s and is today known as Morris & Co. William Morris is one of the world’s most renowned pattern designers, and even today, his patterns can be found in homes around the world, both among private individuals and royalty. Since the beginning more than 160 years ago, Morris & Co. has offered lovingly designed interiors, including wallpapers, fabrics, and paint.