We choose to work with brands that stand for the following values: high design skills and quality, innovation, authenticity, craftsmanship and sustainability.

Landet Stay

Landet is a new hospitality concept located just outside Stockholm, Sweden offering a collection of thoughtfully designed, sustainable cabins nestled in nature. Landet provides an eco-friendly escape from city life with a focus on guest comfort, quality design, and preserving the natural landscape. Cabins are crafted by Scandinavian architect Andreas Martin-Löf with interiors by designer Tobias Vernon. Landet makes the beauty and tranquility of the Swedish countryside easily accessible, located less than an hour from Stockholm and reachable by public transport.



Hydro is a leading aluminium and energy company that builds businesses and partnerships for a more sustainable future. Hydro develops industries that matter to people and society.Since 1905, Hydro has turned natural resources into valuable products for people and businesses. Hydro is present in a broad range of market segments for aluminium and metal recycling, and energy and renewables, offering a unique wealth of knowledge and competence. Hydro is committed to leading the way towards a more sustainable future, creating more viable societies by developing natural resources into products and solutions in innovative and efficient ways. Hydro is now changing the aluminium game to provide greener materials to products crucial for sustaining the world’s rapid development.


BOSS is made for bold, self-determined individuals who live life on their own terms, with passion, style, and purpose. Collections offer dynamic, modern designs for those that embrace who they are fully and unapologetically: as their own BOSS. The brand’s heritage tailoring, performance suiting, casualwear, denim, athleisure, and accessories cater to the style needs of the discerning consumer. Licensed fragrances, eyewear, watches, and kidswear complete the brand.


HUGO, the younger of the two HUGO BOSS brands, provides a platform for self-expression and an authentic way of dressing. Globally engaged and culturally fluent, the brand crafts clothes with individuality and attitude for those who dare to break with convention; those who set trends rather than follow them. Additionally, HUGO-licensed fragrances, watches, eyewear and kidswear all capture a youthful spirit.

Bernadotte & Kylberg


Bernadotte & Kylberg strives to create unique and timeless designs with the end user in focus. Their Swedish heritage – combined with the highest standard of quality – and a belief that great form follows function, allows the design duo to create innovative designs that will last for generations to come. 

Since Bernadotte & Kylberg was founded in 2012, they have designed products for many industry-leading partners on both a domestic and a global scale, seeking to make beautiful pieces with partners such as Hästens, Swiezel, Skultuna, Georg Jensen, Stelton, and Synsam, to name a few. 

Fritz Hansen


The exclusive, international design brand Fritz Hansen was founded in Denmark 1872, by Fritz Hansen. Their timeless collections unite world-famous classic and contemporary furniture, lighting and accessories. The company has a long history of collaborating with leading international designers to bring their visionary concepts to life – and to the spaces they help transform.



Since 1881, Iittala has been dedicated to inspiring better living. What began as a glass factory in a small village in Iittala, Finland has grown into an internationally known brand that has played a decisive role in defining the Nordic way of life. Iittala’s work has always reflected the curious, innovative, and creative Nordic mindset. Iittala pushes the boundaries of design and craftsmanship with inspiration born out of the simple beauty of Nordic nature and its seasons. That’s how modern classics are made.

Harriet Allure


Harriet Allure’s scented candles embody a lifestyle and create an atmosphere, a mood, and a warmth that goes beyond the tangible, inviting individuals to integrate each moment into their personal narrative. All based on the two founders’ own journeys and values, resulting in a distinctive cultural fusion, blending German origin and Ghanaian heritage with Swedish minimalism. Designed in Sweden and inspired by nature, the scented candles take on an organic shape, handcrafted from recycled clay in Portugal. Harriet Allure consciously selects perfumes and raw materials from Grasse, France, trying to keep their commitment to sustainable production with eco-friendly sourcing.


Wekino is a lifestyle brand that proposes elements that make up life, such as books, coffee, blank space, and color, with a focus on furniture. The company’s ambition is to establish a powerhouse of Korean design and a global platform from which to share the multifaceted outcomes that reflect both the rich heritage of craft in their region and the vibrancy of the modern metropolis. To be able to deliver diverse and new content, Wekino has been actively collaborating with various designers through the launch of the Wekino With collection in 2023. Currently, Wekino operate flagship stores and an online shop based in the three cities of Seoul, Busan, and Daegu in South Korea.



Marbodal was founded in Tidaholm almost 100 years ago. Marbodal has a strong focus on combining function and form and strives to always offer kitchen solutions that are not only practical and functional, but also aesthetically pleasing with a high degree of design and high-quality materials. Marbodal offers a comprehensive range of products and services for kitchen design, bathrooms, and storage, with different design options to meet customers’ needs and wishes.Sustainability is a central pillar for Marbodal, which cares for the next generation through careful manufacturing and sustainable solutions at all levels. For example, Marbodal has Sweden’s widest range of Nordic Swan Ecolabeled kitchens. Marbodal is one of several well-known brands within Nobia, Europe’s leading kitchen group.



Rörstrand was founded in the castle of Rörstrand in Stockholm 1726 under the direction of Johann Wolff, a German porcelain maker. This makes Rörstrand the second oldest brand of ceramics in Europe (after Meissen, 1709). With this long heritage, Rörstrand has through the years created some of Sweden’s most easily recognizable porcelain designs, with several series that have become collector favorites.

The String Shelf was designed in 1949 by the architect Nils Strinning. In almost 70 years, String has been transformed from a groundbreaking idea to one of the most beloved Scandinavian design classics. The parts are available in a variety of colors and materials. Therefore, a String can always be rebuilt, renewed and changed.



Vestre is one of the leading manufacturers of urban furniture for cities, parks and public spaces, and has been creating social meeting spots for people for over 70 years. Vestre collaborates with many well-known Scandinavian designers and has received multiple awards for their designs. All of Vestre’s products are produced in Sweden and Norway, using quality materials.

Jotun LADY


Founded in 1926 in Sandefjord, south-eastern Norway, Jotun is one of the world’s biggest paint companies. Its products can be found on interior and outdoor walls in more than 100 countries around the world. With a long tradition of ground-breaking research and colour innovation, Jotun is renowned for both the aesthetics of its decorative paints and the protection and durability offered by its paints and coatings – which is why it has become the paint brand of choice for many of the world’s landmark buildings. As well as being one of the country’s industrial giants the company is actively involved with Norway’s creative scene and takes a leading role in design and interiors events and exhibitions worldwide.

Höganäs Kakel

Höganäs Kakel was founded in 1886 and is today part of the Ricchet Group, which is one of Europe’s leading groups in building ceramics. Together they continuously design new products that are produced in factories in Italy and Portugal, all with the same feeling for the material and with great care for aesthetics, environment and quality. Höganäs ceramic floor and wall tiles are characterized by natural raw materials, energy-efficient production, minimal environmental impact during use and the possibility of complete reuse or recycling.



The leading Italian-based lightning company Foscarini was founded in 1981. Foscarini develops and produces not just lamps but pure emotions, in collaboration with many renowned designers from around the world. Foscarini explores an entire world of materials and solutions. Over 50 models, more than 20 different materials and more than 30 designers come together to form a collection of individual lamps, each with a unique story to address and with striking beauty.



Skargaarden is a Swedish design brand with its roots from Gävle, located in the Northern parts of Sweden. Combining true Scandinavian design with inspiration from the early American shaker style and influences from the Bauhaus movement, Skargaarden provides sustainably made functional and minimalistic furniture that works as well outside as inside. Skargaarden works with some of Scandinavia’s distinguished designers like Alexander Lervik and Emma Olbers and has received several awards for its outstanding design.

Hantverkarna Stockholm


Hantverkarna Stockholm (The Stockholm Craftsmen’s Association) was founded in 1847 as a manifestation of the importance of crafts in modern society and show how skilled craftsmanship have built Stockholm into the beautiful city it is. Today, Hantverkarna Stockholm’s work is at least as important as a lively gathering place for craftsmen, bringing together more than 300 different craft professions and by their own vocational college, Hantverksakademin, training craftsmen in some 80 professions.



 The history of the Finnish kitchen brand Novart goes back to the 1940s, when the first kitchen furniture was manufactured in Nastola – the place where Novart still has its production. Today, Novart is Finland’s leading kitchen supplier and is known for its designs that focus on details, materials and new solutions.



Danish kitchen brand Invita was founded in 1974 – a time when design, music and fashion set the tone, which also changed the role of the kitchen in the home. Today, Invita has been a pioneer in kitchen design for 50 years, consistently creating kitchens based on timeless design, quality and sustainability, in both big and small details. Kitchens with different styles, colours and shapes – but always designed with care for people, the environment and society at large and with the same focus on quality and features that last for generations. Invita combines their long heritage and expertise with innovative design to create kitchen environments that resist trends and offer both beauty and functionality. Invita is one of several well-known brands within Nobia, Europe’s leading kitchen group..



Sigdal is Norway’s leading kitchen supplier. Ever since the start in 1950 – over 70 years ago – Sigdal has been producing high quality kitchens in the same factory in the heart of Sigdal municipality. In addition to offering new kitchens, Sigdal also has a strong sustainability focus, not least through Sigdal RE:NEW, which offers a simple, flexible and sustainable way to give your old Sigdal kitchen a new life and extend the life of the kitchen.is one of several well-known brands within Nobia, Europe’s leading kitchen group.

Moomin Arabia


The first Moomin tableware was produced by Arabia in the 1950s, and the current Moomin ceramics were introduced in 1990, when designer Tove Slotte started turning Moomins from stories to ceramic pieces, with inspiration from Tove Jansson’s original illustrations. Three to five different new mugs are put on the market annually, including limited edition items for summer and Christmas seasons. Moomin mugs are extremely popular collectibles, Tove Slotte articulated the significance of the Moomins nicely when she said: ”I think everyone should enjoy a little dose of Moomin philosophy every day”.



Svedbergs was founded in 1920 by Holger Svedberg in Dalstorp, a small city in the south part of Sweden. Today the brand creates qualitative design furniture for bathrooms, combining modern design with practical function specialized for small spaces subjected to water and moisture. Svedbergs develop all their products in-house in Dalstorp together with leading Scandinavian designers as Roger Persson and Morten Voss. Svedbergs is the market-leading producer of bathroom furniture in the Nordic region.

Reform Design Lab


Reform Design Lab was formed in early 2021 by designers and long-time partners Jurij Rahimkulov, Måns Broman, and Rutger Andersson. The journey started back in 2017 when Jurij finished the first sketch of what would become the acclaimed Reform Chair. Reform Design Lab believes that things have to change; that linear supply chains, material waste, fossil-based transportation, and long lead times must end. The solution is sustainability and circularity. Reform Design Lab live by their design manifest: Art meets technology in a sustainable way That is why all products are designed and produced using cutting edge technology and local production by local material. Reform Design Lab wants to show the world that this can be done.

NK Interiors

NK Interiors


NK Interiors is the leading interior department store in Stockholm, offering selected international and Scandinavian design brands. The department focuses on three main areas; textiles & rugs, furniture & lighting, and bed & bath, and has a wide range for the quality-conscious and design-interested audience. NK Interiors places well-known furniture classics side by side with the latest designs from brands such as Established & Son, Frama, Magniberg, Cappelen Dimyr, Ralph Lauren, Missoni and Mille Notti. The latest launch by NK Inredning is the collaboration project Together, where a handful of Sweden’s most prominent designers made their own version of the pouf Lumi. All proceeds from the project will be donated to a new NK Interiors design scholarship for young designers.

Mille Notti


Mille Notti is a Swedish family-owned company that designs and manufactures textile products for the bedroom and bathroom. The focus is bedding, down products, and terrycloth, but the range also includes beds, headboards, and other bed accessories. Since the start in 1991, the family has worked with passion to create a wonderful experience and enjoyment for all the senses. Mille Notti works with carefully selected, tactile materials, patterns, and methods to offer a truly unique experience. European production and sustainable development together with social responsibility are natural priorities. Through constant refinement and development of assortment and production, the Mille Notti family can ensure that everything that bears its name is manufactured in an ethical manner and is of the highest quality.



Abstracta is an acoustic pioneer who has been working to create better soundscapes since 1972. Today, they offer a wide variety of solutions for different types of environments and requirements – from thoughtfully designed sound-absorbent screens and surfaces to innovative furniture with integrated acoustic characteristics. And in close collaboration with some of the world’s most influential contemporary designers, Abstracta are constantly exploring new ways to create better soundscapes. The customers are located throughout the world, but all manufacturing happens in Småland, Sweden.

Farrow & Ball


Founded in Dorset, England by John Farrow & Richard Ball in 1946. With a distinctive palette of 132 different colours renowned for its their depth and complexity, Farrow & Ball use the same age-old methods as its founders to create the richly pigmented paint. The handcrafted wallpapers are made with Farrow & Balls own paint and use traditional block and through printing methods, creating a seamless connection between paint and paper.



BAUX is founded on the belief that building materials should be sustainable, surprisingly functional and remarkably beautiful. Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, BAUX designs, produces and markets construction materials that meet the contemporary expectations of architects, engineers and builders – without compromising safety and environmental standards. Since launching in 2014, BAUX has grown to have representation in over 30 regions all over the world with clients such as Google, Stella McCartney, WeWork, Spotify, and Nike.



Rimadesio produces systems for sub-dividing environments and for the architectural definition of interiors. Doors, sliding panels, shelving units, walk-in wardrobes and a collection of complementary furniture: an offer which is continuously increasing in size and which is constantly developing in its style. Linear and functional designs where the simplicity of a concept is elaborated through an exceptional level of technical competence. Rimadesio’s aim is to continue to develop its own design culture and productive technology in order to be able to offer functionally innovative ideas which are exclusive from an aesthetic point of view and can ensure maximum reliability over time.



Swedish company Gärsnäs resides in both the past and the future. From their family-owned factory in Österlen in southern Sweden, they have been making qualitative furniture since 1893. Gärnäs’ commitment to the environment, sustainability and creating design that lasts shines through in all endeavors. As their need to discover and investigate materials, new designs and evolving moments in time constantly grows, Gärsnäs holds a prominent position in the Swedish furniture industry, catering the needs for both public arenas and private homes.



The Stockholm-based design brand Hem was founded in 2014 and collaborates with leading designers from all over the world to create timeless and accessible design, available online. Hem cooperates with designers such as Nendo, Gam Fratesi, Staffan Holm, Form Us With Love and Arthur Arbesser.



Since its establishment in 1852 in Köping, Sweden, Hästens has a rich history that stretches back over six generations. This premium global brand crafts beds made purely of natural materials, handcrafted in their own atelier by master craftsmen.

Buster + Punch

Renowned label Buster + Punch was founded in 2013 in London by architect and industrial designer Massimo Buster Minale. Their love for working with rare, solid metals has led them to transform everyday functional fittings into extraordinary home details.

From the light bulb, the dimmer switch, and the pendant lamp to the door handle and the cabinet pull, Buster + Punch are constantly creating an innovative collection of unforgettable design details. Their work is inspired by London’s fashion, music, and sub-culture scenes where they collaborate with street artists, bike builders, and fashion designers to inject attitude into the crafted products.


ELLE Deco Design Awards 2020 & 2021


Elle Decoration celebrates the best of Swedish design during Stockholm Design Week. This year the magazine hand out prestigious awards in 9 categories. The design award’s concept has in 2020 evolved into a more intimate and exclusive cocktail, taking place at the art gallery CFHILL.



Rosenthal GmbH is one of the most traditional and yet most modern branded goods companies in Germany. Founded 140 years ago, their knowledge of manufacturing and design is immense and impressive. Today Rosenthal develops porcelain products and interior collections for end consumers as well as professionals in the discerning gastronomy and hotel industry, always serving the most exceptional design, function, quality and manufacturing standards, while also embodying the spirit of constant innovation and creativity. Their long standing devotion to fashion and expressive patterns and colours has given Rosenthal a unique position as a premium brand that moves through the world influencing both the fashion and interior industry.



Founded in 1989 by the Feltrin family in Italy, Arper started as a small family company and is now a leading design brand, producing furniture for offices, homes and the contract sector worldwide. Arper continuously works with sustainability in mind, from the selection of materials and production to transportation and use. Product design is carefully carried out in collaboration with a number of designers, with whom Arper has established long lasting relationships, leading to the creation of multiple collections such as the many different Catifa chairs designed by Lievore Altherr Molina.
Dometic Home

Dometic Home


Dometic is a global market leader in the Mobile Living and Leisure industries, brings over 100 years of experience creating well-designed functional solutions for a variety of applications. Dometic also has technology heritage from the inventors of modern refrigeration. The introduction of the Dometic brand home products allow the Swedish company to expand its expertise into the luxury residential market. With products such as wine coolers, wine drawers, mobile beverage centers and a range of premium outdoor kitchen appliances, the brand leads with quality materials, meticulous design and craftsmanship, and expert engineering. Each product is developed to make life simpler, more enjoyable and more luxurious. Ideal for primary or vacation homes, townhouses, condominiums or penthouses, the stylish suite of Dometic Home products creates a seamless transition from indoors to out.



Founded in Omegna on Lake Orta by Giovanni Alessi in 1921, Alessi has produced thousands of products over the decades, many of which have become icons of contemporary design.
The Alessi universe is made up of more than three hundred designers from all over the world and includes different categories of typical products for the home – tableware, kitchen accessories, cooking utensils, small domestic appliances, furnishing accessories, lighting – as well as personal products.



The Northern brand was born in the studios of Northern Lighting, where a team of creatives have been illuminating lives since 2005. Their collection includes furniture, lighting and accessories. Inspired by the pale beauty and rough-cut contrasts of the North, the Oslo-based brand is Nordic in spirit, yet global in style. They combine beauty with functionality, and prefer natural materials and genuine craftsmanship. Northern’s products add atmosphere as they reveal a new vision for Nordic style.

Petite Friture


French design brand Petite Friture was founded in 2009 and collaborates with international and Scandinavian designers. Together they produce objects, lights and furniture that create a vibration. The result is elegant and accessible objects that tell a story in a simple and uninhibited manner.

Form Us With Love


Form Us With Love is a Stockholm based design studio founded in 2005. Today they are known as the leading international design studio which collaborates with globally renowned design brands. Form Us With Love puts dialogue and relevance at its core, using strategic design to build and sustain brands of tomorrow.
Italian Lema Mobili focuses on quality and customization, wisely merging innovation and tradition. In close collaboration with designers, great care is paid to each production phase. The result is iconic Italian design that combines technologies with outstanding craftsmanship skills, in a wide range of furniture.
KOYORI is a modern design brand that embodies the distinct sense of Japanese aesthetics. Offering quality furniture and interior design that adds value to everyday life, KOYORI was founded to showcase the heritage of Japanese craftsmanship to the world. KOYORI products are crafted to be cherished for generations and to bestow happiness on their owners.

Bernadotte Art Awards


Bernadotte Art Awards was established in 1992 to mark the late Sigvard Bernadotte’s seventy-fifth birthday. Grants are awarded each year to young scholars in music, theatre, design and art.

Lee Broom


Lee Broom is one of the UK’s leading product & interior designers. Since 2007 he has released furniture and lighting products for his own label Lee Broom. On top of product design, Lee Broom also designs restaurants, bars and residential interiors.



Sonja Djønne and Thoralf Lian founded Heymat in 2015, a company that values functionality, sustainability and contemporary design. The mats are made from recycled materials and the designs are developed in collaboration with some of Norway’s leading designers, whose timeless motifs also ensure visual longevity.



Fogia is a leading Swedish design company that collaborate with carefully selected Scandinavian designers such as Andreas Engesvik, Note Design Studio, Stefan Borselius and Carina Seth Andersson. For the past thirty years, Fogia has created handcrafted, well-thought-out furniture with a focus on design and quality materials.



MUJI was founded in 1980. Its origin was a thorough rationalization of the manufacturing process with an eye to creating simple, low-cost, good quality products. MUJI’s products, born from an extremely rational manufacturing process, are succinct, but they are not in the minimalist style. That is, they are like empty vessels. Simplicity and emptiness yield the ultimate universality, embracing the feelings and thoughts of all people.
Straight is the Stockholm-based design brand that stands for straight lines and simple function with an eye for exciting form and different solutions. Straight’s vision is to create design from everyday objects, including furniture and interior design.

Colekt Stockholm


Colekt is a new unisex and niche lifestyle brand focusing on skincare and fragrance, launching in October 2020. Being inspired by design, architecture and art, Colekt is on a mission to bring freedom to your routine through potent and clean products. Colekt’s founders are two Stockholm-based women and their passion for art, architecture, nature and the tech industry sparked the creation of Colekt. They aim to build a brand and platform for long lasting, inspiring and aesthetic living.


Mateus was founded in 1993 when Teresa Mateus Lundahl, originally from Portugal, saw design trends shifting in her new home country of Sweden. Teresas ambition was to unite the two cultures that continued to shape her, by bringing together the best of both her worlds. Mateus fuses traditional Portuguese ceramic craftsmanship with Swedish design and contemporary fashion trends into quality products that bring warmth into the home – and turn the set table into a joyous and colorful place Today, Teresa is still the creative force behind Mateus, alongside her daughter Filippa. Mateus’ handmade – and highly sustainable – ceramics are sold all over the world.

Nobis Design Lunch

Design Lunch is a concept for the creative industries organized in collaboration with the leading design hotel Nobis Hotel. A number of key personalities in design, architecture, fashion and the arts are invited to meet informally over a lunch in order to build bridges between the creative areas. Previous guest of honour include the designers Lee Broom and Faye Toogood.

Design House Stockholm


Working with both established and up-and-coming designers, Design House Stockholm is a publishing house of Scandinavian design. Design House Stockholm gathers the very best of contemporary Scandinavian design of today, with timeless appeal and qualities that outlive temporary trends.
The Finnish Institute

The Finnish Institute


Finland has a lively and versatile lively network of 17 cultural and scientific institutes on three continents. The institutes spread contemporary Finnish culture and promote cultural, social, and research exchanges between Finland and other nations. Recently, The Finnish Institute presented Serving Sculpture – Renewal of Finnish Craft & Design – an enchanting and innovative exhibition presenting new Finnish design and crafts. The exhibition shows the change in design language, playfulness, and sculpturality that has taken over the Finnish design scene.



Mylhta is a design brand founded by Lisa Hilland. Mylhta is the traditional local name of the Arctic Cloudberry, a rare treasure. The main inspiration is Scandinavian nature, and all items are made with the highest quality from natural materials, combining handmade, quality, and craftsmanship with modern production techniques. 
Since the launch in 2018, Lisa Hilland has been granted several awards for Mylhta, Anno Cabinet was awarded ’Furniture of the year 2019 by Sköna Hem and the Mylhta Stool has been awarded ’Furniture of the Year 2019’ by Form Magazine, Swedish Arts and Crafts Association. 



Planoform represents leading international premium design brands with focus on kitchen, storage and design items. Their portfolio of clients creates unique and tailormade solutions for private homes and public spaces.



Established in 1998 by Eva Hjertberg, Klong was founded with the vision of creating unique design collections, where each and every product would have the opportunity to become a future classic. Klong aims to created products with a beautiful design that brings something unexpected and lasting. Klongs products consists of furniture, lighting and interior accessories created by some of the most well-known designers in Sweden.