Grand Relations was founded by Hans Hjelmqvist and Tove Regnander. Hans and Tove wanted to combine their experience in marketing, public relations, retail, fashion and design with their grand network and create an innovative and strategic communication and PR agency specialized in premium design and lifestyle brands.


Grand Relations works with strong, compelling brands, primarily in the premium sector. We have in-depth knowledge of the value of brands and how they connect to their audience. We believe in long-term commitment, always taking our clients’ heritage and brand philosophies into consideration, while providing them with a fresh approach to the market and new ways to behave and act. Our job is to help clients build even stronger brands, enabling them to reach out in all channels, making them top of mind and increasing sales. We choose our clients and collaborators as much as they choose us, and love working closely with people and brands that inspire us.


One of our greatest and most important assets is our network of journalists, influencers, designers, architects from all over Sweden and Europe, with whom we enjoy well-established relationships. We are known for delivering strong media coverage for our clients, at the right place and at the right time. We work strategically by crafting compelling press material and getting them to the right media channel. We’re also proud of our showroom facilities, located in a classic setting in the heart of Stockholm, from where we provide press loans and small exhibitions. We coordinate and produce events and launches of all types and sizes, and make sure the right people are invited.



Grand Relations team members have university degrees in PR and communication and are highly skilled in PR and business development. With over 30 years of experience we have worked with many leading international premium brands. Our Senior PR Advisors have extensive experience in Strategic PR and in-depth knowledge of the design industry. We connect people and ignite exciting collaborations. At Grand Relations, we inspire our clients to go further and constantly evolve in order to excel and succeed.


We are committed to developing long term relationships with our clients and building confidence and trust. We are extremely passionate about premium design, because of that we understand our clients’ needs and business ideas. We provide the highest level of service on every assignment. At the core of our culture are our values, they guide our behaviour and influence the way we work with each other and our clients.
We chose to work with brands in the premium segment that stand for high design skills, innovation, sustainability, authenticity, craftsmanship and high quality of materials.

Grand: highly ambitious or idealistic. magnificent or splendid.Relations: the various connections in which persons are brought together: business and social relations. The mode or kind of connection between one person and another.