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Grand Relations Strategic PR Agency

Grand Relations is a leading PR agency specialized in design, architecture and lifestyle. Our clients are leading design brands with in-depth knowledge and understanding of the impact design has on our world and our lives. We provide them with strategies for PR, brand building & repositioning, social media, and product PR.

We also organise press trips, press activities, events, ambassadorships and provide showroom facilities at Medevigatan 5 in the Stockholm city centre.

Grand Relations works with strong, compelling brands, primarily in the premium sector. We believe in long-term commitment, always taking our clients’ heritage and brand philosophies into consideration, while providing them with a fresh approach to the market and new ways to behave and act.

Grand Relations’ unique network is the key ingredient in our PR mix that sets us apart from other agencies and bolsters the success of our clients. We are proud of the relations that we have built up over the years with the press and key opinion makers.