Starting February 2024, Iittala will debut a new logo as part of its ongoing evolution. Founded in 1881, Iittala boasts a history spanning over 140 years, marked by various logos that have mirrored the brand’s corporate structures, creative vision, cultural influences, and production priorities through different eras. The new logo is crafted by distinguished graphic designer Aleksi Tammi. The logo is accompanied by a typeface, named Aino, which Tammi crafted with typographer Göran Söderström. Both designers are renowned for their collaborations with diverse brands and artists. Aligned with Iittala’s creative vision and values, the new logo pays homage to the brand’s rich tradition of craftsmanship.

Founded in 1881 with the establishment of a Glass Factory in the village of Iittala in southern Finland, Iittala’s enduring legacy resides in the same factory that still operates today. With a unique heritage, history, and unparalleled expertise developed over more than a century, Iittala has evolved into its own creative universe, recognized internationally as an icon of Finnish design. Although the materials in Iittala’s collections now encompass glass, ceramics, textiles, and steel, the core of its craftsmanship remains rooted in the mouth-blown and hand-crafted glass produced at the Iittala Glass Factory in Finland.

Throughout its 140-year history, Iittala has embraced numerous emblems and logos that have changed over time to reflect the spirit of different eras, creative directions, and production focuses. The previous red i-logo, designed by Timo Sarpaneva in 1956 for the i-glass series, gradually expanded over the decades to represent the entire brand. Over time, the logo underwent renewal and modernization.

The new Iittala logo was meticulously designed by graphic designer Aleksi Tammi, and the work was continued into a complete typeface by typographer Göran Söderström, under Tammi’s direction. Tammi has previously worked with brands such as Nike and Adidas and artists such as The WeekndTroye Sivan and Grimes. Söderström has designed custom typefaces for companies such as Acne Studios, Gucci and Fjällräven. Tammi and Söderström have created a design that aligns with Iittala’s creative vision, values, and brand position, reflecting its craftsmanship and evolving essence.

The inspiration for the new logo draws from historical versions, particularly the 1892 Iittala logo. The combined ”T” letters in the logo form a ligature that has historical roots in Iittala’s past as well, and the inclusion of the establishment year, 1881, pays homage to the brand’s rich history and glassmaking traditions. The new logo centers around the letter ”A” for aesthetic balance, prioritizing clarity for versatile use across different contexts and materials, including product labelling. When Iittala updates its logo on products, the red “i” stickers corresponding to the old logo will also be removed.

The new typeface is called Aino, a name that pays homage to one of the pioneering women in Finnish design, Aino Aalto, and Iittala’s longest-running series, Aino Aalto glassware collection (originally known as Bölgeblick, 1932). Additionally, it references to the national romantic cultural landscape of Finland at the time of Iittala’s founding. The Aino typeface is designed to embody elegance, versatility, and uniqueness without compromising readability.

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