More and more people place increasing importance on a good indoor climate – especially during the winter season when we spend so much time indoors. The new LADY Balance is Jotun’s best paint for everyone concerned about the quality of the indoor air – both during and after repainting. LADY Balance is the natural choice for both children’s rooms and bedrooms, and it is also safe to use by pregnant women as well as allergy sufferers.

People are increasingly concerned about making good choices related to health, the environment, and quality of life. This attitude also applies to making the best choice of interior paints. Jotun LADY offers paints adapted to different needs and the new LADY Balance is the optimal paint for everyone who wants to combine a good indoor climate with beautiful, matte walls, which create a balanced, soft, and calm atmosphere. The paint from Jotun LADY has minimal smell and is a proven good choice for the indoor climate. In this way, LADY makes it easier to create unique spaces that enhance our everyday life.

Indoor climate-friendly and eco-labeled
The new LADY Balance meets the requirements for several certifications for both environment and indoor climate. The paint is recommended by the Swedish Asthma and Allergy Association and meets the requirements of the Swan Ecolabel.

”The best insurance for low emissions and a good indoor climate is that the paint meets Eurofin’s Indoor Air Comfort Gold label, a label that meets the emission requirements of all European labels in the same label”, says Flenstad

Minimal odor – the natural choice for bedrooms and children’s rooms
The paint’s indoor climate-friendly profile makes LADY Balance the natural choice when refurbishing, for example, bedrooms and children’s rooms. Minimal odor is also an advantage in rooms with a lot of textiles. In addition, the paint dries quickly, so that the room can be used the same day.

Easier to get a perfect result that lasts
The new LADY Balance has an even more beautiful expression and improved application properties that make it even easier to get an even, perfect result. The color gives you beautiful walls that you can live with for a long time.


Free from harmful emission
Emission is about which substances evaporate from the paint. LADY Balance has low emissions right from the first stroke.

”If you use the new LADY Balance, you are making a wise choice for the indoor climate”, says Siri Gilde Flenstad, senior engineer and mixture manager at Jotun’s laboratory. She

has led the innovation work with demands for both a more beautiful appearance and easier application – without compromising on low emissions and minimal smell. The result is a new and improved version of LADY Balance, which is well-documented good for the indoor climate.

The bedroom is painted with new LADY Balance in the color 1520 Cheerful Peach. The color in the children’s room is 2202 Sugar Top.

”Matte wall surfaces give a muted and calm expression, which together with LADY Balance’s other product properties means that this particular color fits very well in a bedroom”, says Jotun’s global color manager Birgit Torkildsby.



A good choice also for allergy sufferers and pregnant women
The new LADY Balance is an odorless, water-thinned acrylic paint formulated with an extra purified binder. The paint contains no solvents and no harmful evaporation, it is also safe to use for allergy sufferers and pregnant women.

LADY Balance is available in all beautiful LADY colors
Jotun’s ”Fargetrygghet” (color safety) means that all colors from Jotun have been produced with mixtures specially adapted to Jotun’s products. The color mixtures are also adapted to the new LADY Balance, and therefore, you can be completely sure that the color you see on color samples at a store will be the same as the color of your newly painted walls.

Good color choice for the bedroom
The best tip when choosing a color for the bedroom is to think holistically, explains Birgit Torkildsby, global color manager at Jotun.

”Paint all the walls the same color, so the bedroom looks uniform and neat. When it comes to choosing colors in the bedroom, there are many colors that you can be successful with, and you are pretty much free to choose from your favorite colors. However, a rule of thumb is not to choose the strongest and most popular variations of a color, but rather choose a shade of muted and matte character. Blue tones are safe ”go-to” colors, as they come from the cold side of the color wheel, and are therefore perceived as calming. Blue is the color of the sky and if you choose among the darker shades, the walls in the bedroom can give associations with the evening sky. In this way, the color of the bedroom can put you in the right mood for a good night’s sleep”, says Birgit Torkildsby.

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