During Stockholm Furniture Fair 2023 BAUX will curate a museum-like exhibition and acoustic lounge called The Bright Future of Wellbeing, dedicated to exploring the future of architecture and interior design, and how buildings and workplaces can enhance well-being, creativity, and productivity.

The selected students are studying at some of Scandinavia’s finest architectural institutes and were invited to explore and envision the future for businesses, cultural venues, healthcare, hospitality, and educational facilities. They have been carefully selected and originate from various countries including Norway, Sweden, Nepal, Egypt, Poland, Greece, and Iceland.

”Students are the future of Architecture and Interior Design. With their creativity and passion, they can push the boundaries of design and create innovative spaces that will improve the way we live and interact with the world around us. As they enter the workforce, students have an opportunity to make a real impact,” says Niki Gynnerstedt, Head of Marketing at BAUX.

The students were each given a unique physical environment to work on. At Stockholm Furniture Fair, they will showcase their vision of how the buildings of tomorrow can nurture people’s well-being, creativity, and productivity – without compromising on sustainability. Their ideas will be presented within an exciting, curated exhibition space, which also allows visitors to experience the true meaning of sustainable acoustics – a field where BAUX is a world-leading pioneer.


”We believe that the spaces in which we work must change, and become more sustainable – focusing on the wellbeing, creativity, and productivity of employees. By curating an exhibition fully dedicated to showcasing the work of these promising students within architecture and interior design, we aim to inspire and educate visitors to join us in our vision to change the world for the better’’, says Fredrik Franzon, CEO & Co-Founder, BAUX Acoustics.


BAUX is globally recognized for its extraordinary and exciting approach to exhibition design, and the curated concept for SFF 2023 is a collaboration between Johan Ronnestam Creative Studio and Form Us With Love. The 170 sqm museum-like exhibition, will showcase BAUX acoustic products in context and provide the backdrop to the work of the 8 students and their individual responses to the brief they were tasked with. Visitors to the stand will experience the final proposals and architectural models, created by the students.

Participating students are Louise Holsing Odden (NTNU in Trondheim), Niklas Eriksson (Chalmers), Ghada Shabaan (Lund University), Anna Lawecka (KTH- Royal Institute of Technology), Arati Dhakal (Lund University), Stina Freland (KTH- Royal Institute of Technology), Kristine Kleivi (NTNU in Trondheim), and Kristin Erlendsdottir (Konstfack).


Student Brief and Response

The students were each given a unique physical environment to work on – ranging from businesses, cultural venues, healthcare, hospitality, and educational facilities.

– Arati Dhakal, born in Nepal, studying Architecture at Lund University, Sweden – is showcasing her vision of well-being in Hotel and Lounges:

”What drew me to this project and collaboration with BAUX, was that I agree with their view on wellbeing. This topic needs to become a priority when Architects and Designers design spaces for human beings. I was appointed to design Hotel & Lounges, and for me, the employee’s health and well-being should be prioritized as well as the guests who are visiting the hotel”, says Arati.


– Louise Holsing Odden, born in Norway, studies Architecture at NTNU in Trondheim – is showcasing her vision of a cultural venue:­­­

”Living far up north in Norway, we barely see the sun during the winter months. For me, thinking about both acoustics and lighting is key when designing a future-proof cultural venue. Furthermore, I get most of my inspiration from the Nordic scenery, bringing lots of natural elements into my model with BAUX”, says Louise.


”In the future, I think Architects and Designers all around the world will have an increasing focus on well-being and social sustainability. It’s a shame that this is neglected in some cities, and instead, they focus on economic targets for employees. Furthermore, If I could change one thing through design, I would want to create more inclusive places, environments where people feel included and safe”, says Louise.


– Niklas Eriksson, Studying at Chalmers in Gotenburg – is designing an open office space:

”When I think about Acoustics and architecture, I like to make an allegory to watching a movie. If you have good-quality audio but bad visuals, the video will be completely watchable and enjoyable. But if you on the contrary have good visuals and bad audio – the movie will be terrible to watch. This being said, having a nice and visually appealing environment, but bad acoustics is not enjoyable. BAUX products are very well-designed in this regard!”, says Niklas.


In the future, I would like to see more focus on materiality – wood is a good example of a material that people can relate to. I want designers to take this into account when devising spaces, which can in turn be improved by being more careful with the choice of materials”, Says Niklas.


– Anna Lawecka, originally from Poland, studying Sustainable Urban Planning in Architecture at KTH, Stockholm – is designing an educational space:

”I am very inspired and impressed by the materials BAUX is offering Architects and Designers. I think they’re on to something interesting as they are thinking of the whole material process – if more companies were like that, then we wouldn’t have such big problems with Co2 in the building industry”, says Anna.


– Kristin Erlendsdottir, born in Iceland and currently studying at Konstfack in Stockholm – is designing a Hospital and Care space.

“If I could change one thing through design, I would take nature more into account in everything we do. I like working with unconventional materials,”
says Kristin.

“I think we are on a good path with taking wellbeing, sustainability, and reuse into account when designing. So, if we make sure to carry on to that path, I think we have a better future ahead of us.”, says Krístín.


– Ghada Shabaan, originally from Egypt and an architectural student at Lund – is designing a smaller office environment:

”I believe that architects, designers, and builders should focus on materiality, and create spaces that allow people to share ideas and be more circular through upcycling and using nature-based solutions,”, says Ghada.

The BAUX exhibition The Bright Future of Wellbeing will run from February 7-11 at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2023, and can be found at stand A02:16

During the fair, all students will present their work and share their visions of the models. BAUX will also host its traditional Oysters and Champagne event on February 7-8 from 16:00.

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About BAUX

BAUX was founded in 2014 on the belief that building materials should be sustainable, surprisingly functional, and remarkably beautiful. BAUX designs, produces, and markets functional construction materials that meet the contemporary expectations of architects, engineers, and builders – without compromising tomorrow’s safety and environmental standards. Since launching, BAUX has grown rapidly and with global representation in more than 30 regions, the brand has partnered with brands such as Google, Amazon, Stella McCartney, Spotify, Uber, Airbnb, Nike, and many more.

The company was founded by the entrepreneurs Johan Ronnestam and Fredrik Franzon, as well as the founding team of the design studio Form Us With Love: Jonas Pettersson, John Löfgren, and Petrus Palmér