Stockholm Furniture Fair, Abstracta showcases Akunok – a new acoustic furniture concept designed by Maja Ganszyniec that ambitiously tackles two of the biggest challenges facing many of today’s workplaces: to create better soundscapes that promote well-being and job satisfaction and to offer employees secluded, quiet smaller, yet comfortable, areas where they can focus on their work.

Akunok is designed for dynamic environments characterised by noise and movement, such as open-plan offices and co-working spaces. It is also ideal for furnishing lobbies, libraries, and reading rooms. Or for improving the soundscape and creating spatial variety in large, open environments, such as malls, train stations, and airports. A play on the words acoustic and nook, Akunok is about carefully created seclusion — rather than establishing enclosed rooms. The concept consists of generously deep and comfortable acoustic seats in one-seater and two-seater versions, an innovative floor screen, and two neat tables, one round and the other oval.

Maja Ganszyniec’s great enthusiasm and dedication have been invaluable to the project. She’s been involved in the entire process to ensure high quality. This is a product that really delivers in terms of acoustics, not only due to its material mix but also its design. You can tell that Maja Ganszyniec has designed acoustic products before,” says Linus Berglund, Marketing Director at Abstracta.

From an acoustic perspective, Akunok ranks among the very best, with top scores from independent interior acoustics expert Acoustic Facts. Its elegant, clean and honest design language evokes a subtle association with Japanese architecture.

“In theory and in test labs, complete enclosures may appear to be the most effective. But paradoxically, partial acoustic screening can be better for the sound environment. Too much screening leads people to raise their voices because they feel isolated from their surroundings and think they can’t be heard. In other words, the whole purpose is counteracted by human behavior. With Akunok, we’ve taken human behavior into account,” says Erik Graesén, Product Development Manager, Abstracta.

To enhance acoustic properties, Akunok combines Abstracta’s long experience and acoustic know-how with Maja Ganszyniec’s exciting approach to design.

“It’s inspired by the movable walls of Japanese interior architecture, Akunok is a composition of flat surfaces. Nothing is completely closed,” explains Ganszyniec.

Its intriguing design language stems from an ambitious objective to radically enhance soundscapes. “It isn’t just the sound-absorbing material inside the seats that dampens sound. Akunok’s corners and voids also act as sound traps,” says Ganszyniec.

“Another clever solution that makes a big acoustical difference is the combination of a high seatback with a thick seat cushion. This dampens both high- and low-frequency sounds,” adds Erik Graesén.

The highback one-seater and two-seater in the Akunok series are generously sized, with pocket springs for maximum comfort, and sound-absorbing infill, making it a cozy booth for peace, reflection and rest in environments characterised by openness and movement, such as co-working spaces and lobbies.

The seats are marked by uncompromising quality and attention to detail, such as their beautiful French seam and a tubular steel base that protrudes just enough to give Akunok its unique character inspired by Japanese interiors. Akunok is available in a selection of fabrics and colours. Its base also comes in several colours.

The Akunok floor screen consists of solid pine frames, soft sound-absorbing infill, and fabric with an elegant French seam, the Akunok twin floor screen is a simple yet effective acoustic solution. The two partially overlapping screens emphasise Akunok’s spatial presence while significantly enhancing acoustic performance. The space created between the two screens acts as a sound trap. The self-supporting floor screen lacks any protruding legs that impede furniture arrangement. Its base is available in several colours.

The Akunok series also includes two handy and versatile tables, one round and one oval, suitable for a laptop. Both table tops are made of oak and have a clever base with two tubular steel legs that let users pull the table forward so the table top slightly overlaps the seat cushion. The base is available in several colours.

Product information Akunok

Design: Maja Ganszyniec
Material: Carefully selected fabrics, which of several bear the EU Ecolabel. Pine. Tubular steel bases are available in several colours. Oak table tops.
Size: One-seater: 1090 x 1290 x 980 mm; two-seater: 1990 x 1290 x 980 mm. Floor screen: 1570 x 1610 x 312 mm. Round table: 348 x 380 x 620 mm. Oval table: 628 x 380 x 620 mm
Certifications: Products approved by Möbelfakta. Top-rated by Acoustic Facts.

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About Abstracta
Abstracta has been working to create better soundscapes since 1972 – which makes the company acoustics pioneers. Today, Abstracta offers a wide variety of solutions for different types of environments and requirements – from thoughtfully designed sound-absorbent screens and surfaces to innovative furniture with integrated acoustic characteristics. In close collaboration with some of the world’s most influential contemporary designers, Abstracta constantly explores new ways to create better soundscapes. Abstracta manufactures all furniture in Småland, Sweden, and their customers are located throughout the world. Abstracta is part of Lammhults Design Group.

About Maja Ganszyniec
Born in 1981, acclaimed designer Maja Ganszyniec is based in Warsaw, Poland, where she opened her own studio in 2013. Ganszyniec studied interior design in Krakow and later Milan, where she interned with Alessandro Mendini. In 2008, she graduated as a product designer from the Royal College of Art in London, after which she decided to return to her homeland.

True to its “Do no harm” motto, Studio Ganszyniec focuses on designing products that offer people the greatest possible benefit while having the least possible impact on nature. Her design methods include traditional craftsmanship and using natural and recycled materials. Having already received numerous design awards and nominations, she was shortlisted for the Dezeen Awards 2022 ‘Emerging Design Studio of the Year’ prize. In addition to Abstracta, she collaborates with several other companies, including IKEA, Duka, Comforty,