At Clerkenwell Design Week, the UK’s leading design festival, which take place May 23-25 in London, Swedish acoustic design brand Abstracta will open their showroom at 3 Albemarle Way in Clerkenwell, London to showcase several of their acoustic solutions, from carefully designed screens and absorbents to innovative furniture where the acoustic function is integrated.

Abstracta has extensive experience in creating innovative solutions that both improve acoustics and add aesthetic and functional value.

”The acoustics are always the starting point for us, that’s what we’re experts at, but we find ways to reach out with it through new product categories and first-class design. How and where we apply our expertise does not matter, as long as we fulfill the purpose of the product. Therefore, we don’t have to limit ourselves or only work in a particular niche, but instead have a broad portfolio. We make a point out of having a multifaceted product segment so that we can provide great acoustics to not only the new era’s offices and co-working spaces, but to hotels, restaurants, universities, and many other types of environments as well”, says Linus Berglund, Marketing Director at Abstracta.

During Clerkenwell Design Week, visitors can take part in Abstracta’s vision for the acoustic experience of the future, and how the right solutions can enhance productivity, creativity, concentration and conversations in many different environments.

One of Abstracta’s most innovative and disruptive product is Zen Pod® – a silent room designed by award-winning Swedish designer Staffan Holm. Zen Pod is equipped with plenty of functions and features – both technical and design-wise. The basic idea is to offer a creative and acoustic oasis that elegantly blends into all environments characterized by meetings and mobility, such as hospitals, universities, and offices.

When Zen Pod was shown during Milan Design Week in April, it attracted a massive interest and curiosity from visitors

Zen Pod – a peaceful place you don’t want to leave
Zen Pod offers a peaceful, safe, and welcoming environment while being much more than just a quiet refuge where you can catch your breath. Thanks to the quiet but high-performance ventilation and warm, natural materials such as wood and wool textiles combined with glass, aluminum, and steel, Zen Pod is also a space to feel comfortable in. For designer Staffan Holm, it was important to create a room that felt inviting and not confined.

”Completely silent rooms can be quite unpleasant to be in. Zen Pod allows you to sense the surrounding environment without being disturbed by it. The room is quiet, not isolating”, says designer Staffan Holm.

Zen Pod is easy to assemble, easy to use, and designed to blend into the surrounding environment. The room’s sparse and harmonious design is influenced by Japanese interiors – which is clearly reflected in the clean lines and square composition. This expression can be further enhanced by adding an optional rib wall in beautiful oak to the glass wall. Zen Pod also has a dual acoustic function since the walls ensure that the sound is absorbed instead of bounced back – helping to improve the acoustics in the surroundings outside of the room as well. The technical solutions in Zen Pod are also state-of-the-art, with first-class video and sound from Sharp/NEC and BOSE.

”Our design and acoustic solution are timeless and we have not integrated any technology that risks becoming obsolete, so that the product can always keep up with the development and be combined with relevant technology”, says Linus Berglund.

Zen Pod is available in two versions: Essential and Advanced, and in three sizes.

Award-winning, multi-functional acoustic lighting
In Abstracta’s range of acoustic lighting solutions, we find the brand new lamp Moon, designed by Thomas Bernstrand and multiple award-winner Holly, designed by Hallgeir Homstvedt and Runa Klock.

Two often decisive factors for the atmosphere in a room are the soundscape and the lighting. In Moon and Holly, high-performance lighting and efficient acoustics are combined – the lamps are both eye-catching design objects and products that contributes to better acoustics in environments characterized by conversations and varying degrees of noise, which makes them perfect for restaurants, cafes, lobbies, and various office environments. Last year, Holly was named the winner of Mix Interiors’ prestigious Mixology Award in the category ”Product of the Year 2022: Lighting”. This year, Moon is a finalist for the same award.

Moon was born after two years of close collaboration between Thomas Bernstrand and Abstracta’s product developers. The result is an innovative product where the shape is not only used to create high-quality light but also to maximize the acoustic capacity. The housing consists of two acoustic felt blankets, with different properties, and thanks to the construction, the air inside the lamp is also used as a sound-absorbing material. In this way, the acoustic effect is very high while the material consumption is low, and thus also the weight of the lamp.

In Moon, designer Thomas Bernstrand has combined his long experience in lighting design with his interest in acoustics.

”I’ve given a lot of thought to outer space and the Moon and to the kind of vacuum that exists there. A place with light, yet utterly silent, By combining two classic lamp shapes – a globe and a cone hidden within the globe – I was able to create a spherical lamp that offers directed light”, says designer Thomas Bernstrand.

The lamp’s shape and generous scale mean that it effectively absorbs both high- and low-frequency ambient noise. The driver of the LED lighting is hidden inside the globe, while the luminaire is recessed into the lamp to provide a directed, glare-free light.

Moon is easy to install and can be arranged in many different ways: in clusters, in rows, or solitary. The acoustic properties vary depending on where and how it is placed in the room. If Moon is placed in a corner, it essentially absorbs the low-frequency bass sounds of conversations. If it is placed more centrally, it takes care of the high-frequency sounds.

The sound-absorbing felt surface is available in several colors and is partly made of polyester from recycled PET bottles. Like all products from Abstracta, Moon is covered by Zero Waste – Abstracta’s recycling program for end-of-life products.

With Holly, Homstvedt and Klock challenged preconceptions of how a lamp with acoustic properties should look. It is a sculptural and enigmatic lamp that plays with the contrasts between light, reflection and shadows. Holly is an aesthetic and functional entity in which acoustics and lighting are equally important. Holly strikes a perfect aesthetic balance between the two functions.

Abstracta shares the two designers’ ambition. The office has gone beyond being simply a place to work. It has also become a centre of community and inspiration, as well as a tool for building corporate culture. As the soundscape of a space has become more important, so has its aesthetic design. Improving a soundscape is easy. Doing it with style is the hard part.

Holly functions as a light sculpture consisting of large, luminous orbs made of milky opal glass and non-luminous, acoustic orbs filled with textile remnants and reclaimed polyester encased in a 3D-knitted fabric — an new innovation that greatly reduces textile waste. Holly awakens thoughts and associations that might soar to the Moon or the Sun. But the designers’ source of inspiration was rather more down to earth.

“An awful lot of acoustic lamps are easy to identify as acoustic products. They’re very much alike. It’s reminiscent of the early hybrid electric vehicles. You could tell right away that they were HEVs simply by their outer shape. It’s the same with acoustic lighting. Runa and I approached the concept from a different angle. Our ambition was to create a beautiful object that also happens to be really functional,” says Homstvedt.

“We were thinking of holly and its beautiful berry clusters. Our working name for it was Holly, as well,” explains Klock.

Holly is available in two versions: a vertical one suitable for lobbies and other high-ceiling spaces, as well as in corners for increased acoustic effect; and a horizontal one that can be suspended over large tables in, for example, restaurants, bars, and workspaces. It is also possible to combine standard versions with bespoke ones entirely without lighting for environments particularly exposed to noise.

Product Information
Zen Pod 

Zen Pod Small
Design: Staffan Holm
Dimensions:1200x1200x2310 mm
Recommended approximate price: from EUR 15 249 excl. VAT

Zen Pod Medium
Design: Staffan Holm
Dimensions:1200x2310x2310 mm
Recommended approximate price: from EUR 21 891 excl. VAT

Zen Pod Large
Design: Staffan Holm
Dimensions: 2320x2320x2310 mm
Recommended approximate price: from EUR 29 918 excl. VAT

Product information Moon

Design: Thomas Bernstrand
Measures: Ø550 mm
Color: Luminaire in matte black or high-gloss white. Acoustic felt in light grey, dark grey, beige, or dark blue.
Dimmable: Yes
Fire rating: B-s1,d0
More: DALI compatible as standard. Inside of Moon is a LED driver. The standard setting is 2700 Kelvin (K) but can be increased to 3000K or 4000K.
A roof bracket and a 4 m cable are included.
Price: from EUR 1764 excl. VAT.

Product Information Holly

Holly lighting, vertical
Setup: 4 light globes + 6 absorbing globes
Size: 540x1015x585 mm
Material: Opal glass, recycled fabric, polyester.
Fabric Colors: Anthracite, Terracotta, Light grey
Price: EUR 2721 excl. VAT.

Holly lighting, horizontal
Setup: 4 light globes + 8 absorbing globes
Size: 1052x585x540 mm
Material: Opal glass, recycled fabric, polyester.
Fabric Colors: Anthracite, Terracotta, Light grey
Price: EUR 3401 excl. VAT.

Holly absorber, vertical
Setup: 10 absorbing globes
Size: 540x1015x585 mm
Material: Recycled fabric, polyester.
Fabric Colors: Anthracite, Terracotta, Light grey
Price: EUR 2721 excl. VAT.

Holly absorber, horizontal
Setup: 12 absorbing globes
Size: 1052x585x540 mm
Material: Recycled fabric, polyester.
Fabric Colors: Anthracite, Terracotta, Light grey
Price: EUR 3401 excl. VAT.

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About Abstracta
Abstracta has created better soundscapes since 1972 and is a true pioneer in the acoustic field. Today, Abstracta is the market leader in the Nordics and offers a wide range of solutions for different types of environments and needs – from carefully designed boards and sound absorbents to innovative furniture where the acoustic function is integrated. In close collaboration with some of today’s most influential designers, Abstracta are constantly exploring new ways to create better acoustics. The timelessly designed products are always made of the best possible materials – preferably natural, sustainable, or recycled materials and since Abstracta does not mix materials, the products are easy to both repair and recycle. At the moment, 86 percent of the products are Möbelfakta-certified.

Abstracta has over 70 employees and is part of the Lammhults Design Group and both the head office and factory are located in Lammhult in Småland, Sweden. More than half of sales are exports and Abstracta has several showrooms around the world, including in Stockholm, London, Copenhagen, Oslo, Paris, and Milan. In spring 2023, a brand new showroom will be opened in Copenhagen. Over the years, Abstracta has received several prestigious awards and nominations, for example, Holly Acoustic Light was named the winner of both ”Best of Year Award” by Interior Design and ”Product of the Year 2022 – Lighting, Tech & Accessories” by Mix Interiors.

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