For the press launch of their new design kitchen, Nordic Spirit, HTH Kök and Grand Relations invited Swedish media to a press breakfast at the HTH Odenplan showroom in central Stockholm on October 17th.

Nordic Spirit offers a sophisticated and modern look, with hidden handles and drawers in an integrated and sleek design. Nordic Spirit is made out of massive oak and locally manufactured in HTH Kök’s factories in Denmark, where every lamina is examined and chosen by hand to help keep the structure and lines of the wood present itself in the most beautiful way.

To help tell the story of HTH’s design, sustainability work and vision of ”Kökskärlek”, the agency introduced spokes persons Ulrik Skou Severinsen (Country manager HTH Sweden), Helle Toftgaard Pedersen (Product manager Nobia AS/HTH Kökkener) and Christoffer Göransson (Kitchen expert HTH Sweden).

The Nordic Spirit range is versatile with its four different treatments of the oak wood and can, just as the rest of HTH’s ranges, be customized to fit bathroom interiors as well, all productions are unique and designed in collaboration with HTH’s experts.