During Stockholm Design Week 2022 Grand Relations and Finlandsinstitutet hosted two separate press previews of the new exhibition Serving Sculpure – Renewal of Finnish Craft & Design. A selected group of journalists and stylists were invited to participate and given the opportunity to speak in depth with the deisngers.

With the exhibition, Milla Vaahtera and Hannakaisa Pekkla from UU Market, curators of the exhibition, want to show the shift that is taking place in the Finnish design scene with “form follows fun”. Challenging mass production with unique and collectible design objects in smaller editions. Playful designs that show the change in form language and sculptural approach. Older materials such as wood or ceramics set against shiny brass and soft textiles to create a contrast.

The exhibition Serving Sculpture is open to the public February 9th and April 2nd 2022 at the gallery of the Finnish Institute – Snickarbacken 4, Stockholm. The exhibition will feature ten designers.