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Skargaarden’s outdoor furniture is appreciated worldwide for its combination of high design level and exceptional durability and wear resistance, regardless of the climate in which it is placed. Therefore,
it is not a coincidence that several prestigious hotels have chosen Skargaarden for their outdoor environments. Two of them are Nobis Hotel Palma and Zannier Hotels Le Chalet in Megéve.

A warm Mediterranean island and the French Alps – two very different environments and climates, but with the same need for well-designed outdoor furniture that will stand the test of time.

On October 26, 2023, the five-star luxury Nobis Hotel Palma opened in one of the oldest and most historic buildings in Palma. Located in a Muslim palace dating back to the 12th century, it impresses visitors with its unique history and luxurious atmosphere. Helena Toresson, architect at Wingårdhs, is responsible for the interior design of the new hotel. She explains that the vision for the hotel’s outdoor environment and outdoor furniture was to convey a relaxed, elegant, and high-quality experience.

”We wanted a personal mix of local, Scandinavian products. Textile elements in sweeping large fabrics, parasols, and furniture. Furniture that could match the grand environments it would interact with. We have worked for seven years on this project, which above all involved a large and complex renovation of a 12th century palace. I am very happy and proud of the result of this long journey.”

Must stand the test of time
Outdoor furniture on a hotel or restaurant terrace will always be used by many people for a long time.
Therefore, Helena Toresson believes that durability is the most important starting point.

”The furniture should first and foremost be durable and of high quality. Materials that age beautifully and textiles that stand the test of time are a must. I believe that environments, furniture and things created with care and love last a long time. We tend to take care of them, nurture them and give them a long life. Quality craftsmanship is a natural part of such a perspective.”

Reconciling functionality, quality and design in outdoor environments can be quite a challenge.

”Since the context is outdoors, you really have to think about how constantly exposed the furniture is. In this case, we are on the Mediterranean Sea but still in the middle of a city. The sun, the dust, the winds, the rain, and even the pigeons must be managed and taken into account. It requires a great deal of empathy.”

So, why did the architect team choose Skargaarden’s Saltholm collection and how does the furniture fit into the design/architectural vision?

”The Saltholm collection and Skargaarden stand for the Scandinavian element and for craftsmanship, authenticity, and comfort. We always try to mix it up when working with Nobis, but regardless of the location in the world, we want to tell a little bit about their Scandinavian heritage and position.

”The Saltholm sofa group stands on a sun terrace in the middle of Palma’s old town. Surrounded by narrow alleys, other buildings, and green gardens. On the sun terrace, Saltholm sits alongside sunbeds, parasols, and lots of green Mediterranean plants. Together with umbrellas, tables, and plants, the sofa group offers a comfortable lounge area for a coffee in the shade or a drink at dusk.”


Below the white peaks of Mont Blanc
Just over 2500 kilometers north, as the crow flies, we find Zannier Hotels Le Chalet in Megéve, considered by many to be the most charming village in the French Alps, situated between the ski resort of La Clusaz and the world-famous ski slopes of Chamonix. Megéve is a very pleasant ski resort that has managed to preserve the genuine French feeling and atmosphere. Le Chalet is a very exclusive hotel with twelve spacious and uniquely decorated suites, a restaurant with three stars in the Michelin Guide (and one of the very few to receive a ”perfect score” (20/20) in the French restaurant guide Gault Millau), a cocktail and wine bar, and a luxurious spa and sauna facility.

On the terrace, overlooking the white peaks of Mont Blanc, hotel guests can settle into furniture from Skargaarden’s elegant Djurö collection and enjoy the unique view.

”At Zannier Hotels Le Chalet, the essence of simplicity throughout the design and experience flows effortlessly into the pristine surrounding white peaks of the Mont Blanc Mountain range. Our interiors are pared back, and the atmosphere is relaxed. We were looking to convey a similar atmosphere for our terrace. We aimed to convey a feeling of relaxation, comfort, and tranquility that echo the peaceful atmosphere from the French Alps”, says Quentin Guiraud, Head of Marketing & Communication for Zannier Hotels.

Four decisive factors in the choice of furniture
He explains that four factors guided the hotel’s choice of new outdoor furniture: durability, comfort, safety, and a responsible supplier.

”Due to its localization in medium-altitude and frequent snow, the furniture had to resist harsh weather and frequent use. We were seeking weather-resistant materials like teak or treated wood that would avoid rust, fading, or corrosion. We also needed furniture that requires little upkeep to maintain”, says Quentin Guiraud and continues:

”Of course, we also thought about the comfort of our guests, whether they spend a few minutes or hours sitting on our terrace. Selecting comfortable and well-padded seating options was essential, keeping in mind aspects such as backrest design, seat height, and cushions. As we take sustainability very seriously, we also looked for a supplier with responsibly manufactured products.”

”Finally, we needed furniture that was secure and stable, particularly in rainy or snowy weather.”

According to Quentin Guiraud, creating a functional and well-designed outdoor environment requires good planning and a clear idea of what you want to achieve.

For us at Zannier Hotels, the most important is to take the surroundings into consideration. All starts with good planning. Defining the available space was key at Zannier Hotels le Chalet, where seasons are short, terrace demand is high, and frequent furniture moving might be needed. During winter, for instance, half of the terrace is covered by snow, imposing constant adjustments on seat placements. We decided to opt for wooden material to fit with the surroundings, which is also the most commonly used material in our rooms.”

Simple and timeless
With its charming and traditional Alpine architecture, the interior design of Zannier Hotels Le Chalet is based
on a minimalist philosophy.

”When it comes to choosing a style, we like to start with one or two words, that summarize the place. With its charming traditional alpine architecture, the interior design of Zannier Hotels Le Chalet is based on a minimalist philosophy. Simplicity was then a keyword. Timelessness was another key point in choosing the furniture, and making sure it will match the quality and design of our premises.”

Skargaarden’s Djurö collection met all the requirements and expectations that Zannier Hotels had when they started looking for new furniture for the hotel’s terrace.

Selecting providers that share similar values is very important for Zannier Hotels. Like Skargaarden, we have a “less is more” approach, and are very careful to offer the best experience to inspire the greatest stories in life. We were particularly charmed by the simple yet very comfortable design of the Djurö collection, which brings a modern twist to classic sun loungers. We wanted items in teakwood, and the quality of Skargaarden’s range combined with the sustainability aspect convinced us.

He says that the terrace acts as an outdoor extension of the living room, which is the heart of the hotel with a wonderful view of the mountains.

”All day long, whether it is during the winter or the summer season, our clients can relax and unwind on our panoramic terrace, and be served there. The furniture must reflect the surrounding alpine beauty while being discrete enough to let the panorama speak for itself.”

Skargaarden is known for its sustainable and quality craftsmanship, which Quentin Guiraud explains fits well with Zannier Hotel’s values.

”For us, sustainability should come from the beginning, from the concept itself. When it comes to furniture, it is very much linked to the notion of durability. Our hotel is open all year long, under different climates, so it was essential that we selected a brand that would have the same approach to durability. This aspect, coupled with Skargaarden’s expertise in proposing materials and fabrics that do not change in quality over time.”

Quentin says that the first reactions from guests were very encouraging and positive.

”They loved the new terrace and spent a lot of time in the furniture overlooking the Alps.”


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About Skargaarden
Skargaarden is a Swedish brand with roots in Gävle. Traditionally Scandinavian in design, Skargaarden also draws inspiration from a wide range of sources such as the American shaker style and Bauhaus. The brand works according to the motto “less is more”, making ideas tangible. One should be able to immediately grasp the concept of a piece, it should not be an intellectual process.

Skargaarden’s design exudes a sense of simplicity, characterized by genuine craftsmanship, both in terms of production and choice of materials. Skargaarden collaborates with several of Scandinavia’s leading designers, such as Alexander Lervik and Emma Olbers. Over the years, Skargaarden has won several accolades and nominations. In 2014, the three chairs Resö, Oxnö, and Grinda were nominated for the prestigious German Design Awards and the Anholt collection won the same award in 2020. Skargaarden’s Arholma Chair won the Archiproducts Design Awards 2018.