Heymat Zen is a new interpretation and further development of Kristine Five Melvær’s award-winning Sand mat. In Zen, the elegant Sand pattern has been transformed into three different tiles that can be combined in countless ways to create a unique pattern in custom sizes. The combination of quality, flexibility, and design was highly valued by the jury of the Red Dot Award, which, in an extremely
tough competition, has designated Zen as the winner in the ”Product Design 2023” category.


”Zen is a fantastic versatile entrance system that creates an inviting sense of space. We want our products to be seen as an inspiring, long-term, and sustainable investment, and the fact that the Red Dot Award now highlights our and Kristine’s product design is very strong proof that we have thought completely right in all aspects,” says Sonja Djønne, CEO of Heymat.

When Kristine Five Melvær created Zen, she drew inspiration from how Japanese gardens combine tranquility with thought-provoking, eye-catching patterns. Zen is specifically designed for entrance areas, and the tile’s size and adaptable shape make them suitable for both narrow walkways and larger entrances. At the same time, they have a high degree of design that fits well in showrooms, hotel and restaurant spaces, or private homes. Zen comes in three different colors and patterns, making it easy to adapt an overall design solution for a specific project or area using Heymat’s pattern tool.

Like other Heymat products, Zen is made of 100% recycled plastic (PET), a durable and highly absorbent material of the highest quality, and has a non-slip rubber backing. They are easy to maintain, and the textured three-dimensional surface provides a unique scraping and absorption effect, allowing dirt and moisture to drain off while dirt and sand remain in the pile, ensuring that the floor surface stays clean and dry. The tiles also absorb sound and harmful airborne particles, helping to make the rooms where the tiles are used healthier to inhabit.


Product Information ZEN
Components: Straight, Horizontal & Circular, Vertical & Circular
Colors: Beige, Black & Grey
Size: 45 cm
Thickness: 10 mm
Weight: 1035 g
Textile: 100% recycled plastic (PET)
Backing: SBR rubber (20% recycled material)


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About Heymat
Sonja Djønne and Thoralf Lian started the company in 2016 with the goal of offering home decorative design mats of the same high quality as an industrial mat. Thoralf’s solid knowledge of mats goes back three generations. In combination with Sonja’s interest in interior design, Heymat has quickly achieved a central position both in the industry and in Norwegian homes, and now the global market is at their feet. The ambition is to provide each customer with a quality product that they can be happy with and enjoy for a long time.

The mats are made of recycled materials and are efficient and easy to maintain. The designs are developed in collaboration with some of Norway’s leading designers, and with timeless motifs, the mats also maintain a high visual standard. Heymat’s first collection was launched in 2016, and today the mats are sold in Europe, America, and Asia. With a focus on function and the environment, as well as Norwegian design, Heymat creates spaces that are inviting to come home to.