At this year’s Stockholm Furniture Fair, Swedish acoustic experts Abstracta showcases several new products that enhances the soundscape in offices, hotels, restaurants, education spaces and other environments in need of good acoustics. One of the new products is Vika, a sculptural floor screen that radiates atmospheric light while managing both low-frequency and high-frequency noise.

“It’s another way of thinking about sound and light. Vika’s function is to create a calm atmosphere,” says designer Khodi Feiz.

Vika is a small-scale solution with a big impact. It’s basic form is as simple as it is ingenious: an oblong floor screen made of sound-absorbing felt folded into the shape of a wing. This creates a space that encapsulates and absorbs sound while concealing the screen’s light source. The screen, whose indirect light creates a cozy and inspiring atmosphere, consists of a soft, sound-absorbing core partly made of recycled PET bottles covered with Texfel acoustic felt. Both versions are available in a range of select colours, each affecting the light’s character. The darker the textile, the more subdued the light. Its base is made of black-coated metal.

Vika can be used to divide a large space into smaller rooms, creating a better soundscape and a quieter atmosphere — perfect for open-plan offices, co-working spaces, and lobbies.

“I can imagine it in cafés and restaurants and in meeting rooms. I dare say it would even be wonderful to have at home because it lends any space such a cozy warmth,” says Khodi Feiz.

“Vika is extremely simple and complex at the same time. It’s special for a product to have such a big impact on a space by such small means — both in terms of the space’s acoustics and mood. We’ve really benefited from Khodi Feiz’s intuitive sensitivity and long experience as an industrial designer,” says Linus Berglund, Marketing Director, Abstracta. 

The floor screen is available in two versions. The larger one functions as a room divider that significantly reduces its noise level while providing atmospheric indirect light. Reminiscent of a light pillar, the smaller version is a beautiful solitary object with an extraordinary spatial presence that works well in corners. Vika is also available as a ceiling-mounted acoustic luminaire that provides effective lighting over desks and meeting tables, for example.

“A clever thing about Vika is that both the floor screens and the ceiling luminaire are designed to be close to those in the room who are its sound sources. This stops sound waves before they can bounce off the walls and ceiling. Vika also has several absorbing sides, which increases its sound-dampening area. So even the smaller version is surprisingly effective,” explains Erik Graesén, Product Development Manager, Abstracta.

Product information Vika

Design: Khodi Feiz
Color: available in a range of select colours
Material: sound-absorbing core partly made from recycled PET bottles, covered with Texfel acoustic felt. Floor screen base in black-coated metal
Size: 427 x 1540 x 231 mm and
1180 x 1540 x 231 mm; ceiling-mounted acoustic luminaire: 1500 x 155 x 283 mm
Lighting: equipped with 12V plastic LED tubes,
150 cm in length, output of 14.4 W/m, colour temperature of 2700 K
Certfications: Approved by Möbelfakta

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About Abstracta
Abstracta have been working to create better soundscapes since 1972 – which makes the company acoustics pioneers. Today, Abstracta offer a wide variety of solutions for different types of environments and requirements – from thoughtfully designed sound-absorbent screens and surfaces to innovative furniture with integrated acoustic characteristics. And in close collaboration with some of the world’s most influential contemporary designers, Abstracta are constantly exploring new ways to create better soundscapes. Abstracta manufacture our furniture in Småland, Sweden, and their customers are located throughout the world. Abstracta is part of Lammhults Design Group.

About Khodi Feiz
Born in 1963, influential designer Khodi Feiz lives and works in Amsterdam. His manifold design portfolio ranges from furniture and acoustic pieces to home electronics and household items. Vika is his first product for Abstracta. Feiz also collaborates with Alessi, Logitech, Philips, Artifort, and Swedese. His design expression is organic, simple, tactile, and human. His works have a fundamentally friendly quality that catches your eye and makes you want to reach out and touch them.