2024’s new product from String Furniture is called Relief – a modular system designed by the award-winning TAF Studio. The system itself consists of chest of drawers and hook rails in different dimensions that can be connected and mixed in size and colour. Since all parts of the chest of drawers – including the back – have been designed with the same meticulous care, Relief works just as well as a stand-alone piece of furniture as it does in larger, connected groups or as elegant room dividers.

Made entirely from wood and veneered MDF, the new Relief collection can be combined according to the needs and possibilities of any room – from a single chest of drawers along a narrow side wall to a completely free-standing storage system with drawers of different heights and colours.

Unlike most chest of drawers, the back is designed to be exposed in order to be placed in the centre of a room, to act as a sideboard or to be used as an elegant room divider with integrated storage.

”The range has understated elegance and is subtle in its design. It is easy to understand how the furniture is used and it should be easy to integrate and combine in different environments and contexts. It was also important that the products in the series radiate honest and genuine materials, says Mattias Ståhlbom, designer and co-founder of TAF Studio.

The name Relief alludes to the elegant edging, which creates a relief effect and a graphic, artisanal expression. Despite its outwardly ”simple” design, Relief combines high manufacturing quality, intricate detailing and functionality in a way that sets it apart from similar systems.

”It is an extremely well-thought-out system that fits in all rooms, and with its straightforward design enhances the expression in all environments, regardless of how it is combined and placed,” says Bo Hellberg, Chief Marketing Officer at String Furniture.

A design feat is how the inside surprises with a much larger storage space than the neat exterior suggests. In addition, TAF Studio has selected a synchronised palette of five colours – making it possible to combine different nuances for an even more personal expression if the system is expanded.

Sustainability at all levels has been a key factor for String Furniture in the development of Relief.

”Relief is a thoroughly Swedish product, designed and manufactured in Sweden using high-quality Swedish materials in a factory with a strong environmental focus,” says Bo Hellberg.

For maximum sustainability, Relief is therefore also delivered flat packed – something that saves the environment significantly by reducing transport emissions.

The customisability of the collection allows Relief to grow and divide depending on the interior, space and preferences. The timelessly pared-down design combined with the high-quality materials and build quality make Relief a system you’ll keep for a long time.

Product information Relief
Design: TAF Studio
Size chest of drawers: H: 121,8 cm, W: 41 cm, D: 41 cm
Price bureau: From 1 789 €

Size hook rail: 41 cm
Price hook rail: 100 €

Product information Relief
Design: TAF Studio
Size chest of drawers: H: 99 cm, W: 82 cm, D: 41 cm
Price bureau: From 1 789 €

Size hook rail: 82 cm
Price hook rail: 159 €

Product information Relief
Design: TAF Studio
Size chest of drawers: H: 53 cm, W: 123 cm, D: 41 cm
Price bureau: From 1 789 €

Size hook rail: 123 cm
Price hook rail: 230 €

Download high-resolution images here.

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About String Furniture
String Furniture is a leading Scandinavian design company that collaborates with several award-winning designers, including TAF Studio, Anna von Schewen, Björn Dahlström, and Mats Theselius. String Furniture manufactures, among other things, the iconic and multifunctional shelving system String. All products in the range already have high durability due to timeless design, quality materials, and manufacturing, and they are certified by Möbelfakta. This is part of String Furniture’s contribution to making the furniture industry more sustainable.

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